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Dear Podficcer,

Firstly you are super great.

Requested fandoms: BBC Merlin, Elementary, Les Miserables, Narnia, Being Human (UK), Miss Marple, Leverage, Orphan Black, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Carmilla

Triggers: suicide, depression, mental health, pregnancy, giving birth

Now on to more positive things! The main thing is I love stories and having stories read to me is even better. love fluff and poly and happy endings and aus and historical settings and all sorts of things. I love ladies, I love fluff, I love AUs, I love angst as long as there's a happy ending, I love exploring characters, I love silliness, I love puns. I ship pretty much anything. I love romance and I love sex and I love gen and I love friendship in stories. To be completely honest I mainly just love podfic. I don't know if any of that will help, but there it is!

You can also find me on twitter as croissantkatie, on pinboard at and thecroissantgirl on tumblr, in case you need more insight into what I like! If you feel like you need more information, contact leish as she knows my tastes fairly well!

And finally, thank you very much podficcer. You are fabulous.


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