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Title: Bury This Town
Author: [ profile] croissantkatie
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Victoria Asher/Greta Salpeter
Summary: She's falling and falling and she's completely lost but she doesn't care. It's wonderful.

She should have known better. )
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Title: So, Everyone Plays Cricket
Summary: Not!Fic about bandom people playing cricket.
Notes: Much thanks to

[ profile] bessyboo, [ profile] knight_tracer and [ profile] quintenttsy!


Podfic of this is available by [personal profile] leish and can be found here.
Well, not everyone plays cricket. Some of them organise stuff! )


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Title: Betting and Winning
Pairing: Cobra GSF
Rating: R
Word Count: 4460
Summary: Gabe likes to gamble, gambling with sexual favours is his favourite though.
Notes: For [ profile] gala_apples, who left several prompts as part of the Fandom Snowflake Challenge and I got a tad inspired. Also, this is the longest thing I've written in about five years which is amazing. Any constructive criticism is most welcome!

The solution was perfect. It was win-win. God, Gabe thought it might actually be better than betting with money. )
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Title: Mirror Image
Characters: Luna centric
Rating: G
Word Count: 552
Summary: The image she sees in the mirror is the one she expects to see, although she's beginning to wonder if it should have changed.

she stares at her reflection, unsure of what to do )


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