Oct. 18th, 2016

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Dear Podficcer,

Firstly you are super great.

Requested fandoms: Elementary, Les Mis (all versions), Narnia (all versions), Being Human (UK), Leverage, Orphan Black, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Carmilla, Old Kingdom series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Triggers: suicide, depression, mental health, pregnancy, giving birth

Now on to more positive things! The main thing is I love stories and having stories read to me is even better. I love all sorts of stories! I love fluff and poly and happy endings and aus and historical settings and all sorts of things. I love ladies (this is a long and well documented love), I love fluff, I love AUs (from super close to canon ones to mundane ones to OMG EVERYONE IS MAGIC ones), I love angst as long as there's a happy ending, I love exploring characters and anything about pretty much anyone in my requested fandoms would be amazing. I ship pretty much anything, including OT3s.(the most notable OT3 from these fandoms is Parker/Eliot/Hardison from Leverage). I am incredibly weak to good puns. I love romance and I love sex and I love gen and I love friendship in stories. To be completely honest I mainly just love podfic. I don't know if any of that will help, but there it is!

You can also find me on pinboard at pinboard.in/u:croissantkatie and thecroissantgirl on tumblr, in case you need more insight into what I like!

And finally, thank you very much podficcer. You are fabulous.


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