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Doctor Who, Episode 5, The Rebel Flesh )

I am currently on study leave and I am waiting for Monty Python's Oliver Cromwell song to finish loading so I can listen to it for revision. My friends keep sending me really useful revision materials. It's helping loads, and making it a bit less tedious. Now if only I could understand maths I would be all set! Well, mostly set.

School stuff. Specifically, leaving. )

My friends are also helping me in my quest to find a yellow dress for our Leavers Ball. Yellow very rarely suits me but I love the colour. I want to look bright and cheery and not sad. It's going to be fun (even if I have to think about it just as a summer ball and not as a leavers thing as that freaks me out).
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I have fallen rather out of the habit of posting here, which is a bit of a shame really. I am however going to attempt to rememdy this. I suspect I might fail at this for a while as exam season is fast approaching and I'm getting slightly nervous (read: very very panic-y). On the other hand, I may end up posting lots as a means of procrastination. It all depends. The main issue I'm having at the moment is remembering things. Apart from a couple of parts of maths which I both can't remember and don't really understand. Various people are lending me notes and links to videos and stuff though, so I think (hope) I'll get there eventually.

On the plus side, I have discovered that one of my friends loves Lewis as much as I do. Sadly, Lewis is over again. It always finished far too soon for my liking. But Doctor Who is on, so that makes up for it really. That was one of the many sad things about having so many bank holiday Mondays. By the time I got to see everyone, I could barely remember what I wanted to talk to people about. Ah well, I did get lots of time off, even if I completely lost track of days of the week. I do not want anymore three day weeks. They confuse me so much.

Ooh, and Eurovision. Watched it with both my parents, various European foods and some cider. It was ridiculous and utterly awesome. I particularly enjoyed the signing for "all the deaf people who love eurovision" according to Graham Norton and the incredibly bizarre moment when we were at the top of the leader board. Great fun, although I'm glad we only do it once a year!
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There has been a major accident on the local A road. As result, it is shut in both directions for a fair stretch before my village, leading to there being no buses. At all. There are parts where there is no alternative route. Parts where there is are small roads through little villages. Gah gah gah. Normally I wouldn't mind a day off school, but I've missed two days due to being ill and was looking forward to seeing people again. I'm just thankful that I've finished all my exams. When I turned up for the bus (an hour later than normal due to free periods), there were still people there who had been attempting to get on the normal bus. Luckily, the psychology exam which is on today is the afternoon. Hopefully, by that time, there will be some way for them to get in.

At least there's been some variety though. This one was a lorry fire, whilst the previous two were a chemical spillage and a multi-vehicle incident respectively. Stupid dangerous road.
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As of Wednesday, January exams are over for me! The relief is wonderful. Now I just have to wait until March for the results to come through and find out if I have to do any resits (but I'm trying not to think of that!). I am planning on breaking out some hot chocolate I got for Christmas to celebrate with. Also, lots of sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

I also, rather bizarrely, seemed to have developed a social life. This is mainly because I've been and seen a bunch of people I know in class during lunch. I was too scared to do this last year, the whole going off and making new friends thing, but it's really rather nice. I didn't think I could do it but I can and it's awesome! :D

In other exciting news, England finally won an ODI in Australia and I am refusing to watch this week's Silent Witness. It sounds far too traumatic for me to be able to handle. I am however enjoying Human Planet and Men of Rock (which took my brother five minutes to realise wasn't about music, and was actually about rocks).

And this evening I am going to eat lots of chocolate cake and then sleep for ages! I'm looking forward to it.
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January exam seasons has officially started. Hooray!

I have done two out of the six I am sitting, am fractionally less exhausted than I was last week and think I might actually know some maths. Maybe. I am planning on doing lots of revision during my Critical Thinking lesson tomorrow. Critical Thinking is perfect for revising maths with my friend Ruth! What is slightly worrying is that, even when talking about binomials and writing equations all over our hands (cue many poor jokes about "knowing it like the back of our hands"), we are still the least disruptive in the class. Everyone is just taking it to fill up their time table. It doesn't help that our teacher doesn't seem to care about our maths revision. I'm not entirely sure she's even noticed we're doing it. And we sit right at the front! It's ridiculous. After doing that for two weeks, we didn't think we could reach any new heights of geekiness. And then we rushed to the library at the end of lunch to get a table. I just hope all this productivity pays off!

I also had a meeting today about how to get more people to come to early modern history fictional book group (it's such a snappy title!). Our main problem is that, even with the promise of baked goods, the only people who turned up were me and the other guy running it, and two of our friends we'd cornered in corridors and at lunch. Current plan of attack: skip the long book, read the next (shorter!) one, promise even more baked foods, get our own email address and make giant posters. Also in an effort to attract people with the pretty, we're going to put on random episodes of the Tudors in between books. I have never seen it, but various history friends said it was hilarious. That and see who else we can guilt into coming. We may actually succeed at this now that my entire history class have tasted the wonder that is Alex's brownies. There is hope yet for us in the battle of the history book groups!

Now I am very tired and it's at times like this I wish I could nap when I wasn't ill. Ah well.
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That was my favourite joke I heard over the Christmas period. It's slightly rubbish, but still rather awesome. And I love the fact that I thought I'd misheard it and didn't understand it for a good five minutes.

I, rather to my own suprise, had a rather pleasant Christmas. Family were, as per usual, difficult at times, but that's to be expected really. And to be completely honest, it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Things so very rarely are. Nobody made any stunningly inappropriate comments. Nobody got something they loathed. The "surprise" my Grandma gave me isn't terrifying. Overall, a resounding success I feel!

Also, going back to school has (so far) been alright, despite the looming storm cloud which is January exams. I actually feel like I'm vaguely prepared for them! A group of my friends have been organising maths meet ups in the library in town which have been immensely helpful. So I'm hoping that the panic will not be too extreme this time round.

So in general, things are looking up at the moment. I continue to be surprised by this fact, but I don't care, it's still awesome.

Also awesome: retaining The Ashes! =D
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So, I am now over half done with my AS exams and am finished until after half term. Thank goodness for half term. I haven't done any revision for my second lot of exams. But I am not doing any work until at least Monday, probably Tuesday. I am so glad for the break. I suspect I will need to retake a few of them but I no longer care. I managed to sit the exams. That's enough to keep me happy for now.

Nothing much has happened really. Lots of exam stress and not much else as it has been rather all consuming. The upside of this is that the scarf I started knitting a few weeks back has grown a fair bit. It is now almost passable scarf lengthened! Although rather wide as I wasn't paying attention and accidentally cast on ten more stitches than I meant to and by the time I realised, I'd already knitted more than I was willing to unpick. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It can double up as a blanket when it is freezing in my house in the middle of winter.

I have also been reading a lot again! This is fantastic as I kind of lost interest a while back and couldn't read anything apart from 1930s detective stories where I could guarantee that the characters I was emotionally attached to wouldn't be harmed. I am branching out again now, mainly due to the wonder that is the main library in the centre of town. Pretty and colourful and hundreds upon hundreds of books and self checkout is so unbelievably awesome. Ahem. Yes. It's wonderful basically.


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