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Title: So, Everyone Plays Cricket
Summary: Not!Fic about bandom people playing cricket.
Notes: Much thanks to

[ profile] bessyboo, [ profile] knight_tracer and [ profile] quintenttsy!


Podfic of this is available by [personal profile] leish and can be found here.
Well, not everyone plays cricket. Some of them organise stuff! )


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This is going to be a rather itty bitty post, but ah well. It's a post! I can now cross off a third item from my to-do list.

Various stuff and nonsense )

Now I am going to see if I can cross anything else off my to-do list as I am quite fond (and slightly astonished) by the burst of productivity I am experiencing.
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As of Wednesday, January exams are over for me! The relief is wonderful. Now I just have to wait until March for the results to come through and find out if I have to do any resits (but I'm trying not to think of that!). I am planning on breaking out some hot chocolate I got for Christmas to celebrate with. Also, lots of sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

I also, rather bizarrely, seemed to have developed a social life. This is mainly because I've been and seen a bunch of people I know in class during lunch. I was too scared to do this last year, the whole going off and making new friends thing, but it's really rather nice. I didn't think I could do it but I can and it's awesome! :D

In other exciting news, England finally won an ODI in Australia and I am refusing to watch this week's Silent Witness. It sounds far too traumatic for me to be able to handle. I am however enjoying Human Planet and Men of Rock (which took my brother five minutes to realise wasn't about music, and was actually about rocks).

And this evening I am going to eat lots of chocolate cake and then sleep for ages! I'm looking forward to it.
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That was my favourite joke I heard over the Christmas period. It's slightly rubbish, but still rather awesome. And I love the fact that I thought I'd misheard it and didn't understand it for a good five minutes.

I, rather to my own suprise, had a rather pleasant Christmas. Family were, as per usual, difficult at times, but that's to be expected really. And to be completely honest, it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Things so very rarely are. Nobody made any stunningly inappropriate comments. Nobody got something they loathed. The "surprise" my Grandma gave me isn't terrifying. Overall, a resounding success I feel!

Also, going back to school has (so far) been alright, despite the looming storm cloud which is January exams. I actually feel like I'm vaguely prepared for them! A group of my friends have been organising maths meet ups in the library in town which have been immensely helpful. So I'm hoping that the panic will not be too extreme this time round.

So in general, things are looking up at the moment. I continue to be surprised by this fact, but I don't care, it's still awesome.

Also awesome: retaining The Ashes! =D
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I spent the majority of last week painting my brother's bedroom, which was actually quite fun if rather time consuming due to the lack of flat walls. Although it probably would have been better if my brother had done some more of it. It does look rather nice though.

Over the weekend, there was a "Vintage Cream Tea Weekend" in my village. I honestly think they are trying to win some sort of quaint English village award. That or they are doing their best to emulate many of the villages from Midsomer Murders. They had bunting, a WI stall and brass band music which appeared to be coming from the shrubbery. Although the cream tea I had was actually very good. I am slightly sad to say it was the first one I'd had all year which didn't have squirty cream out of a can. I don't think I've had a single one with clotted cream this year. I spent the majority of the time I was there trying not to laugh hysterically. I only partially succeeded. Although it was nowhere near as funny as when we went round the open gardens in the village and ended up having tea and cake in the garden of the vicarage with the vicar's children playing music on the oboe and violin respectively in the background.

Bank Holiday Monday! AKA, lots of cricket! )
Alas, the school year is near... )

Now I am going to make myself some more cheese on toast with cranberry jelly. It is quite possibly my favourite savoury snack of all time. Cranberry jelly is one of my favourite things about Christmas, and Sainsbury's had some of their Christmas stock in yesterday so my Mum bought me some. I am incredibly happy about this.
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I have been watching a lot of the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup over the past couple of days. It is awesome and makes me all kinds of happy. Although I am probably too emotionally involved in cricket. I got rather angry the other day when Lumb got out, even though it was the correct decision. I now understand my dad and brother's response to pretty much every sport under the sun. Even if Twenty20 isn't quite the same as a full Test, it's what got me interested in the first place and in my opinion, some cricket is better than no cricket!

On Tuesday I am going to Liverpool to watch my brother play football in a national final at Anfield. I am rather excited and nervous about this. I went to watch their quarter final (which, luckily was a home match) which was rather tense. Although that may have been because it went to added time, then penalties and then sudden death penalties before they finally won. I plan on taking my knitting with me so I can sit there and look like I'm watching whilst not paying a great deal of attention. I want them to win, but I don't think my nerves can cope with watching the whole match. And on the plus side, as it's in Liverpool, all my cousins who now live up there can come and watch. There should be lots of supporters there. They've got a double decker coach, an ordinary coach and numerous completely full cars going up on the day. The team are going up on Monday (which means I won't see my brother on my birthday!), staying in a hotel before going on to do a bunch of team stuff. To say my brother is being unbearably excited is an understatement.

I thoroughly enjoyed Doctor Who last night. I want to watch it again, although not sure when I'll get round to it. I spent a lot of time laughing which was good. I like to come away from watching Doctor Who feeling all warm and fuzzy. And straight afterwards we watched Thursday's Outnumbered, which was hilarious as usual. And tonight I get to watch Lewis! Aww, Lewis.
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My apologies, I felt the need to rant. )
Finally, on a slightly cheerier note, we were completely hammered in the last Test against South Africa. Blagh.
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A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody! I meant to say that ages ago but between the relatives and physics coursework over the holidays, I ran out of time. I hope you all had a nice time though!

I spent the majority of my time doing the annual mad dash to visit relatives. We didn't watch any tv when my aunt's family was stopping as we have vastly different tastes. As a result we recorded things and watched them before New Year.

TV stuffs! )

No doubt there are other things I should mention as well but I can' think of them right now. Tonight my family will find something to watch on tv in the absence of Doctor Who/Merlin/Robin Hood, which will be interesting. I see a poor compromise as a substitute on the horizon!


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