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I went to see Tintin on Wednesday. It was wonderful and happy-making. I had an absolutely fantastic time and came out going "I want to own that on DVD."

I have many thoughts on Merlin, but am not sure I can express them significantly. It mainly consists of flailing. Lots of flailing. I went to a group watching of Merlin on Saturday with some friends of mine, which was amazing. Although I felt the need to check how old the host's younger brother was as our conversation wasn't entirely clean. Luckily, he was older than he looked so we could carry on making jokes about people jumping onto Gwaine's sword. Also, Agravaine. He is even more obvious than Morgana and her smirks of EVIL.

So yeah, my life isn't particularly exciting at the moment. I currently want to kill UCAS and am having doubts about even going to uni as a result. I want to, I want to study history so much, but I'm still very scared.
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So, on Saturday it was the last episode of Doctor Who and the first of Merlin. My brain couldn't quite handle switching gears bewteen the two, but nonetheless, here are my thoughts.

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Also, last week's episode of The Body Farm was partly filmed in a pub I have been to several time. They had the menu blackboards and everything! But damn, they do a good prawn curry there.
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This is going to be a rather itty bitty post, but ah well. It's a post! I can now cross off a third item from my to-do list.

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Now I am going to see if I can cross anything else off my to-do list as I am quite fond (and slightly astonished) by the burst of productivity I am experiencing.
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Spooks ramblings, if I can actually remember what happened... )

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Next week, I'm actually going to try and post all my reactions sooner after things have aired so I don't forget what I thought. Oh, and Lie to Me had a giant Christmas tree in it. That for some reason amused me greatly, I think it's probably because for the next couple of weeks at work the main thing I will be selling is Christmas trees. That and pointing out that we have brussel sprouts on the stalk. Whoo.
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So, the past week hasn't been particularly great for me, but it's now half term so things are looking up. I never thought I'd be quite this happy for a school holiday to come. But ah well, I'm not going to talk about that because I'm focusing on the nice couple of things which have happened in the past 3 or so days and not the bad things of the days before! I've never been great at positive thinking but this time I'm trying harder than I have before, so I bring you random happy snippets of my past week!

First off, despite my early fears, I actually managed to see the whole episode of Merlin last night! I can't really remember much of what I thougt of the episode. I was eating dinner and fairly distracted throughout most of it. What I do remember though is that at various points my family compared it to Harry Potter ("it's like polyjuice potion but not!"), the Discworld books ("his ears look really fake and sewn on, he could be an Igor!") and Sandi Toksvig/Eastenders ("she sounds like Sandi Toksvig when she says that." "No she doesn't, she sounds like she's been in Eastenders her entire life!"). It was all rather silly, but kind of enjoyable.

Then, we went to the theatre and my brother didn't complain once! Thank you school. It's amazing what he'll do when a teacher he likes and respects suggests he do something. We all went to see 6 characters in search of an author which was rather confusing and a bit creepy, but I liked it. Although there was some strobe lighting which gave me a headache, which has never happened before. I always get headaches when I go to the theatre, unless I'm really really perky and awake when I go. Me and anything remotely loud don't get on.

Plus today I made chocolate crispies, which has the added bonus of there being a fairly large slab of chocolate being left over... Yum. And tommorow I'm either going to London or Cadbury World with my family as my Dad has the day off. It may end in disaster, but at least parts of it should be enjoyable! I certainly have my fingers crossed that there will be no major disputes.


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