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I honestly thought I'd make it through a whole week at school this week. Partly because I've been feeling loads better, but mainly because school has only been open for three and a half days this week. We finished at lunch yesterday and there were no classes due to the wonder that is open evening. Unfortunately I completely failed to meet that goal. I had some blood taken for testing first thing Monday morning and nearly passed out. This was something that neither my Mum nor I had even thought might happen. It had nothing to do with me seeing any blood or needles. I'm fine with both, although I didn't watch the nurse take the blood fascinated in the way one of my friends does. Apparently I just don't react well to it. I dread to think what might happen if they had to take a serious amount of my blood. They only took a couple of phials.

The result of this was that I felt really dizzy pretty much all day. I delayed going into school for a while until I started to feel better. Sadly I only felt better because I'd been sitting still not doing anything and half an hour after I got there, I had to come home again. I have however managed to be in school for the whole time it's been open apart from Monday.

Despite all this time off, I am still behind on SJA. Monday I couldn't look at a computer screen without going all dizzy and today I've been working (or at least, attempting to). So it's looking like I won't get more than 2 minutes 10 into part 2 of Mona Lisa's Revenge until the weekend as tomorrow evening I am (rather remarkably) going out!
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Right now I am watching Spooks. I missed it last night because I went to bed at 8 due to feeling ill and nobody thought to record it for me! As always when I watch things on iPlayer it's taking me about 5 times as long as normal (4:43 minutes in half an hour!). The main reason for this is I had to pause it and spend a while going is that Rani's Dad whose name I can't remember? The answer is yes. This makes me all sorts of happy. I've no idea what he's going to do (probably be a bad guy, at least it looks like that right now) but still! This is just like the game me and mum play when watching murder mysteries. We always try and spot someone who's been in another mureder mystery we watch as once you've been in one, you're probably going to end up in many more.

So now Spooks is conected to SJA (which I can watch at the right time today due to being off ill and my brother having a far away District football match) in the same way Midsommer Murders is connected to everything under the sun. And as a side note, Spooks is connected to Cadfael because Hermione Norris was in an episode of it once many years ago. She had long hair in plaits if I remember correctly.
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So, I've been having a very nice half term so far. Even though we never made it anywhere on Monday as a family (the arguing didn't wait until we'd left, it didn't even wait until Monday. Yep, the dispute happened at eight o'clock on Sunday.), things have been alright. My one major aim of the holiday - to catch up on the current episodes of SJA so I could watch it when it's actually broadcast - has been achieved. I am very happy about that. Roll on 4:30!

The downside is that as I've been feeling pretty upbeat and positive I thought now might be a good time to get some work done. Apparently not. It's not so much that I look at my work and don't feel motivated to do anything, it's that I look at it and I feel as I have no clue what to do. Where to start, what any of it means, that sort of thing. It's seriously annoying me. I've had this problem briefly before in that for the past couple of weeks my Dad has had to sit with me and prod me whilst I'm doing physics homework. My parents don't have time to do anymore handholding for me *sigh* I will try again in a bit, hopefully I can find something necessary but not scary to fill my time with. I hate feeling as if I haven't achieved anything.

And apparently the new series of Spooks starts early November (I've forgotten the precise date)! I think I'll look around for stuff about that once I've got somewhere with my work. Onwards and upwards!


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