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My laptop gave up six days before Christmas. It was rather tragic but it had served me well. 4 years and 359 days of service. Hopefully I'll be able to get stuff off it but we'll have to see. This has put rather a dent in my plans to post some sort of fanwork soon at the beginning of the year. It looks like I might have to rerecord the podfic I was working on. I hope I don't have to as I was nearly done with the editing. There are snippets of fic I'd really like to get back too. On the positive side, I now have a laptop which doesn't clunk! I have named her Bootsy as she is purple (purple to imperial to emperors to caligula to bootsy).

I finally gave in this afternoon and brought the fan heater into my bedroom. My fingers are no longer numb. I also have Christmas tea which tastes wonderful and is keeping me warm.

This is a rather unexciting post as I can't particularly think of anything to say. 2011 is over and 2012 is here. I had a decent Christmas, far more relaxed and far less relatives than normal.

And that's it for now I think.
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Long, rambly post today. My brain is a bit of a confuddly mess right now.

School talk. Wow. )

Also this week we had a fundraiser for Breast Cancer! I was involved in helping, which resulted in me spending my entire lunchtime dressed as a pink fairy outside the main entrance to school with another fairy and a table loaded with sweets. We had sponge the teacher, balloons and a cake stall, as well as a "spot the pink fairy game." If you bought a breast cancer ribbon, you got a token which at lunch you could exchange for a packet of sweets if you found a fairy. It was really good fun. Although we did have someone come up to us and say "I have a token, but I haven't found a fairy." We just turned round and pointed out the wings. You'd have thought that and the giant sign which said "Pink Fairy Station" would have given it away. None of us dress like that just for the sake of it. Especially not the guys in wigs, tutus and ponchos (they raised loads of money).

Yesterday was a very surreal day. I went to work and there was a fundraiser at the church over the road which my boss and his wife went to part way through. First of all, my Mum cam over and give me some pieces of cake which Ron (my boss) had bought for me. Ron had tried to bring them himself, but being the person he is, got waylaid talking to the many many people in the village he knows. Then Chris (Ron's wife) came back, asked me if I'd like and Indian Head Massage and then sent me over the road with three pounds to go have one. So I had a head massage from my next door neighbour who's daughter used to babysit me and ended up missing a good twenty minutes of my shift. It was all rather surreal. Apparently (or at least, according to my mum who had a long chat with Ron and Chris at the fundraiser), they'd noticed that I'd been a bit off and hadn't seen me walk past to go catch my school bus a couple of days during the week (I normally wave at Ron as I go past). I love my work and them so very much. And I got to see an interview with Haile Gebrselassie as part of the BBC coverage of the Great North City Games (we won! Yay!). He is the most smiley amazing athlete and I'm sad he didn't break the course record for the Great North Run. Under an hour though!

And that I think is a good note to end on. A nice cheery athletics based one.

At last!

Jul. 14th, 2010 05:29 pm
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It's raining, it's pouring,
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed and bumped his head
And couldn't get up in the morning!

Finally. And it's proper rain with thunder, although I have yet to see any lightening.

This makes me so many levels of happy.

Edit: I just had to run upstairs and cover the fireplace with a towel again, although this time I've branched out from holding it up with tinned vegetables to tinned fruit, soup and tuna as well.

Edit 2: There is now water running down the outside of the chimney into a nice little puddle on my bedroom floor. My wish for rain has clearly not gone entirely to plan.
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This week has been rather tumultuous to say the least. I am however, trying not to focus on the negatives. I did that yesterday and got rather bogged down in it all.

The positive things mainly focus around my teachers at school, who all seem to have relaxed slightly now that exams are over (well, at least until January!). As such, I have so far had a rather strange knitting analogy from my maths teacher, who also taught me knitting as an enrichment activity up until earlier this year. The girl I sit next to just sat, staring, going “am I dreaming?” throughout the entire thing. I found it all highly amusing. My chemistry teacher has been trying to convince us to do chemistry degrees on the basis that “who wouldn’t want to end up where I am now?” I laughed rather loudly.

My history teacher is the most amazing though. She keeps referring to Ferdinand and Isabella as Ferdy and Izzy, which she claims is why she’s not allowed to teach us the side of the course they feature prominently in. She also showed us a video, partly because it was an excellent source, and partly because she says she is madly in love with Michael Wood. I love my history class so much. It is all kinds of awesome, and we kept to keep our decent teacher next year and get a different one to replace the rubbish one! Score.

Right now I should be doing history homework. I have a very busy weekend full of theatre rehearsals, so I’m not sure when I’m going to do the rest of it. My brain is too dead to sift through more reading on the conquest of Granada. I am tired and want to sleep. Lots of sleep, but the hot weather is playing havoc with that. I dislike hot weather very much, and have already got heat stroke once after being at the bus stop for ages because of a giant traffic jam that morning. Blegh.

But school is good, so I am thinking about that, not the bad things. Cheery thoughts!
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I got from a week in Yorkshire with my family yesterday afternoon, which turned out pretty much as expected. I managed not to get a decent cream tea anywhere because everywhere the scones looked half decent, the cakes looked even better. I also discovered just how unfit I am, although that is not entirely unsurprising as I haven't done any proper exercise in nearly six months. So long as I don't end up going on any long bike rides or trips in rowing boats soon I should be alright!

I am now very tired as I've been sleeping very badly. I've still been getting enough sleep but, as someone who needs a fair bit of sleep to get by alright, it's not been great. I have the next week off for the Easter holidays so hopefully I'll be able to catch up before I go back to school. And hopefully start revising properly, but that requires more energy than I have right now, even taking into account the fact that I have now dropped physics. It was a bit of a wrench doing that, but I think it's for the best. I might actually do nearly as well as I'm capable of now. We shall see!

And tonight is the next episode of Doctor Who! I really enjoyed The Eleventh Hour, and I'm hoping I'll enjoy this episode too. I'm slightly confused about why it's on so early, which probably means that curry will have to wait until afterwards, or during Confidential. Silly BBC, messing with our family traditions.
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Spooks ramblings, if I can actually remember what happened... )

Merlin! Yay! Plus A Grand Theory Which Will Not Happen )

Next week, I'm actually going to try and post all my reactions sooner after things have aired so I don't forget what I thought. Oh, and Lie to Me had a giant Christmas tree in it. That for some reason amused me greatly, I think it's probably because for the next couple of weeks at work the main thing I will be selling is Christmas trees. That and pointing out that we have brussel sprouts on the stalk. Whoo.
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I honestly thought I'd make it through a whole week at school this week. Partly because I've been feeling loads better, but mainly because school has only been open for three and a half days this week. We finished at lunch yesterday and there were no classes due to the wonder that is open evening. Unfortunately I completely failed to meet that goal. I had some blood taken for testing first thing Monday morning and nearly passed out. This was something that neither my Mum nor I had even thought might happen. It had nothing to do with me seeing any blood or needles. I'm fine with both, although I didn't watch the nurse take the blood fascinated in the way one of my friends does. Apparently I just don't react well to it. I dread to think what might happen if they had to take a serious amount of my blood. They only took a couple of phials.

The result of this was that I felt really dizzy pretty much all day. I delayed going into school for a while until I started to feel better. Sadly I only felt better because I'd been sitting still not doing anything and half an hour after I got there, I had to come home again. I have however managed to be in school for the whole time it's been open apart from Monday.

Despite all this time off, I am still behind on SJA. Monday I couldn't look at a computer screen without going all dizzy and today I've been working (or at least, attempting to). So it's looking like I won't get more than 2 minutes 10 into part 2 of Mona Lisa's Revenge until the weekend as tomorrow evening I am (rather remarkably) going out!
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Right now I am watching Spooks. I missed it last night because I went to bed at 8 due to feeling ill and nobody thought to record it for me! As always when I watch things on iPlayer it's taking me about 5 times as long as normal (4:43 minutes in half an hour!). The main reason for this is I had to pause it and spend a while going is that Rani's Dad whose name I can't remember? The answer is yes. This makes me all sorts of happy. I've no idea what he's going to do (probably be a bad guy, at least it looks like that right now) but still! This is just like the game me and mum play when watching murder mysteries. We always try and spot someone who's been in another mureder mystery we watch as once you've been in one, you're probably going to end up in many more.

So now Spooks is conected to SJA (which I can watch at the right time today due to being off ill and my brother having a far away District football match) in the same way Midsommer Murders is connected to everything under the sun. And as a side note, Spooks is connected to Cadfael because Hermione Norris was in an episode of it once many years ago. She had long hair in plaits if I remember correctly.
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So, the past week hasn't been particularly great for me, but it's now half term so things are looking up. I never thought I'd be quite this happy for a school holiday to come. But ah well, I'm not going to talk about that because I'm focusing on the nice couple of things which have happened in the past 3 or so days and not the bad things of the days before! I've never been great at positive thinking but this time I'm trying harder than I have before, so I bring you random happy snippets of my past week!

First off, despite my early fears, I actually managed to see the whole episode of Merlin last night! I can't really remember much of what I thougt of the episode. I was eating dinner and fairly distracted throughout most of it. What I do remember though is that at various points my family compared it to Harry Potter ("it's like polyjuice potion but not!"), the Discworld books ("his ears look really fake and sewn on, he could be an Igor!") and Sandi Toksvig/Eastenders ("she sounds like Sandi Toksvig when she says that." "No she doesn't, she sounds like she's been in Eastenders her entire life!"). It was all rather silly, but kind of enjoyable.

Then, we went to the theatre and my brother didn't complain once! Thank you school. It's amazing what he'll do when a teacher he likes and respects suggests he do something. We all went to see 6 characters in search of an author which was rather confusing and a bit creepy, but I liked it. Although there was some strobe lighting which gave me a headache, which has never happened before. I always get headaches when I go to the theatre, unless I'm really really perky and awake when I go. Me and anything remotely loud don't get on.

Plus today I made chocolate crispies, which has the added bonus of there being a fairly large slab of chocolate being left over... Yum. And tommorow I'm either going to London or Cadbury World with my family as my Dad has the day off. It may end in disaster, but at least parts of it should be enjoyable! I certainly have my fingers crossed that there will be no major disputes.
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I'm currently not doing much, apart from being very tired which really, is the main reason I'm doing nothing. What with the tiredness and the perpetual yelling of equations in everything apart from ceramics enrichment (yay coil pots! Something I know and have been able to do since the age of four!). The problem with the extreme tiredness is that I haven’t been able to write. Mainly because, what with filling time with school work, I haven’t been able to stay awake long enough to do anything. Plus most of my subjects seem to like killing off imagination and the ability to use actual words. I miss words. I miss sentences which don’t have seemingly random strings of letters in the middle of them and make very little grammatical sense. I’m beginning to wish I had taken English. Then I remember I would end up murdering people if I did that. I might love writing and reading, but I don’t exactly get on great with the type of writing and reading you have to do to pass your A Levels. Well, apart from any speaking assignments. To the horror and utter astonishment of everyone at my old school, I was good at it. I was one of only three people in my class not to get heckled once over two years. The other two were very outgoing, confident guys everyone expected to be amazing. That is something I’m very proud of (and am very pleased I just remembered, because it has cheered me up!)

As of right this minute, I am in my room avoiding the non-vital-not-really-a-qualifier-for-the-world-cup-as-we’ve-already-qualified football match against Belarus. I spent seven minutes mocking their haircuts and reading out the moving adverts before I left. I feel I came out of that rather well! I saw a goal as well as several shots on target. That’s more than I got last time in twice the time. Yep, not a big football fan. Despite it being a rather big thing in my house (my Dad plays every Sunday evening with people from the village, my brother plays in a league which spans several counties and is in the District squad), I’ve never liked it. Give me cricket or athletics any day!

Now, after a gap of several hours, I’m going to go get myself some pudding and bemoan the fact that there are no murder mysteries on at the moment that I like! Hmm. Shame I don’t have more on DVD, I may have to use up my remaining Amazon vouchers from last Christmas.
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Well, I can't say I know precisely what to say here. I'm still at the stage of peering at the screen of my laptop and going "hmm, does it work like that?" I have to admit though, signing up for this has certainly distracted me from my worries about starting sixth form. Enrolment day is this Friday, and the nerves are hopefully going to be alleviated slightly by getting a lift in with a friend instead going through the trauma that is the bus. Or more precisely getting hold of my bus pass. The council don't want me to have the most appropriate one. At this rate it looks like I may end up having to spend over an hour on a bus for a journey that should only take twenty five minutes. Oh dear me. But I'm not supposed to be worrying about any of that yet! Enrolment day may be this week, but induction day isn't for a while, meaning more time in the house without my brother around! Oh the peace and quiet.

Oh, and that purple haired cartoon is Crystal Tipps. My Dad says my hair looks like hers (although not purple). His compliments are always down right lovely ("with all that metal in your mouth you look like jaws!").


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