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I have been having a very pleasant afternoon since I got back from work earlier. Well, once I'd managed to get up from where I sat down on the floor and promptly nearly fell asleep. I watched The Railway Children on the tv and got all teary eyed. I'd forgotten how sad parts of it made me. I still have a story tape of it somewhere. I am now watching a Poirot - one of the ones set in the desert. Not sure if it's the one with falling masonry or not yet, but I've definitely seen it before. For someone who appears to detest being around so much sand, Poirot seems to spend an awful lot of time visiting deserts. Although, I've probably seen most of the David Suchet Poirot episodes now.

I am now going to go and pick up the curry with my Dad, eat myself silly and then go to bed very very early. Which hopefully will be nice and pleasant and everything as well!
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A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody! I meant to say that ages ago but between the relatives and physics coursework over the holidays, I ran out of time. I hope you all had a nice time though!

I spent the majority of my time doing the annual mad dash to visit relatives. We didn't watch any tv when my aunt's family was stopping as we have vastly different tastes. As a result we recorded things and watched them before New Year.

TV stuffs! )

No doubt there are other things I should mention as well but I can' think of them right now. Tonight my family will find something to watch on tv in the absence of Doctor Who/Merlin/Robin Hood, which will be interesting. I see a poor compromise as a substitute on the horizon!


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