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In rather shocking news, I am actually working on stuff! I have two fics on the go, and whilst they currently mainly consist of lots of capslock, it's better than nothing. I decided a little while back that I would actually note down the crazy ideas I have when I'm half asleep and then try and work on them. They may be silly and kind of ridiculous but they're still valid. And it means I'm writing again, which is always awesome. In even stranger news, I am part way through recording a podfic. I am enjoying it so very much. It may turn out rubbish, but unlike with my writing, I don't feel particularly selfconscious about it. I think it's partly to do with the fact that they're not my words. They're someone else's words which I'm trying to bring to life and stuff. I'm beginning to think that it may end up being a bit addictive though.

In other news, we have purchased our Christmas tree! We didn't get to go all together this year, so the job was delegated to me and my Mum. It was initially put forward that I go by myself. I am way too indecisive for that though. At the same time, I sorted out the hours I'm working over Christmas. It looks really nice down there. They've got a new light up santa which is lovely. It's cold though so I may need to crack out my thermals next time I have a shift.
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Long, rambly post today. My brain is a bit of a confuddly mess right now.

School talk. Wow. )

Also this week we had a fundraiser for Breast Cancer! I was involved in helping, which resulted in me spending my entire lunchtime dressed as a pink fairy outside the main entrance to school with another fairy and a table loaded with sweets. We had sponge the teacher, balloons and a cake stall, as well as a "spot the pink fairy game." If you bought a breast cancer ribbon, you got a token which at lunch you could exchange for a packet of sweets if you found a fairy. It was really good fun. Although we did have someone come up to us and say "I have a token, but I haven't found a fairy." We just turned round and pointed out the wings. You'd have thought that and the giant sign which said "Pink Fairy Station" would have given it away. None of us dress like that just for the sake of it. Especially not the guys in wigs, tutus and ponchos (they raised loads of money).

Yesterday was a very surreal day. I went to work and there was a fundraiser at the church over the road which my boss and his wife went to part way through. First of all, my Mum cam over and give me some pieces of cake which Ron (my boss) had bought for me. Ron had tried to bring them himself, but being the person he is, got waylaid talking to the many many people in the village he knows. Then Chris (Ron's wife) came back, asked me if I'd like and Indian Head Massage and then sent me over the road with three pounds to go have one. So I had a head massage from my next door neighbour who's daughter used to babysit me and ended up missing a good twenty minutes of my shift. It was all rather surreal. Apparently (or at least, according to my mum who had a long chat with Ron and Chris at the fundraiser), they'd noticed that I'd been a bit off and hadn't seen me walk past to go catch my school bus a couple of days during the week (I normally wave at Ron as I go past). I love my work and them so very much. And I got to see an interview with Haile Gebrselassie as part of the BBC coverage of the Great North City Games (we won! Yay!). He is the most smiley amazing athlete and I'm sad he didn't break the course record for the Great North Run. Under an hour though!

And that I think is a good note to end on. A nice cheery athletics based one.


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