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So, all three of the pod_together projects I was involved in this year have posted now. I had a blast doing all of them and thanks to everyone who collaborated with me, y'all are great.

The Lee Jordan Show by [ profile] citrusjava, [ profile] croissantkatie, [ profile] eosrose, [ profile] jelazakazone, [ profile] kalakirya, [personal profile] laliandra, [ profile] primeideal, [ profile] silly_cleo, [ profile] thriceandonce and [ profile] vassalady

Welcome to the Lee Jordan show on the Wizarding Wireless Network, the best show for news, interviews, sports coverage, and entertainment on air! Tune in now!

Meet Me Tonight In Atlantic City by [ profile] croissantkatie and [ profile] samanthahirr

Gerard had every intention of calling out sick today. The last Employee Appreciation Day / Team Building Exercise had pushed him one trust-fall too far, and he'd vowed that was the last team-building activity HR would ever drag him into. Never again. No way.
…until this year's activity turned out to be his role-playing kryptonite.

An AU meet-cute at a Murder Mystery Party set in a speakeasy during the Roaring Twenties.

Uninvited by [ profile] croissantkatie, [ profile] paperclipbitch, [ profile] sunquistadora and [ profile] thearcher

Of course Sherlock was being robbed by the most incompetent of thieves.
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I got back from camping with my family on Sunday and promptly slept lots. Whilst I didn't have anywhere near as much of an issue with sleeping in a tent for a week as my Mum did, I still really enjoyed sleeping in my own bed. It was awesome. I woke up the next morning at half eight, feeling chirpy, and promptly freaked my whole family out. I was slightly confused by it too, but it was still pretty nice. But whilst we were away, I read a lot, felt really faint a lot (normally, I'm the one propping up people who feel faint, so this was an interesting change), sat in a lot of empty churches (I love quiet churches with few people in, not quite sure why though, but they're pretty peaceful places in my opinion) and ate absolutely loads of yummy food. Seriously, I love duck. And eclairs. But I won't list all of the foods which I ate whilst I was away which I love because that would take a ridiculously long time.

The bad thing (or well, one of them) about going on holiday was that we missed The Cambridge Folk Festival. Again. One of my close friends, Ruth, went with her family on the Friday and saw, amongst others, Bellowhead. Cue much jealous from a fair few of us. However, on the more positive side, her family have numerous tickets to their show in Cambridge in Novemeber, and a bunch of us have been invited to go along. So excited. I have been informed however that I will have to dance. I would like to know how I could not dance. I think it would be difficult.

Also, with a large group of my friends we are going back and watching all the Harry Potter films. I feel scarred. Seriously scarred (and it is at least partly my own fault, which is even more worrying).
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This is a collection of drabbles I have written recently, some for over at [ profile] teaandsafehaven and others at [ profile] finkpishnets real person ficathon (go read, post, prompt!).

Chess Pieces, Harry Potter )

Train Journey, The Sarah Jane Adventures )

Drumming, Bandom )

Together, Harry Potter (film) )
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Title: Mirror Image
Characters: Luna centric
Rating: G
Word Count: 552
Summary: The image she sees in the mirror is the one she expects to see, although she's beginning to wonder if it should have changed.

she stares at her reflection, unsure of what to do )


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