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In rather shocking news, I am actually working on stuff! I have two fics on the go, and whilst they currently mainly consist of lots of capslock, it's better than nothing. I decided a little while back that I would actually note down the crazy ideas I have when I'm half asleep and then try and work on them. They may be silly and kind of ridiculous but they're still valid. And it means I'm writing again, which is always awesome. In even stranger news, I am part way through recording a podfic. I am enjoying it so very much. It may turn out rubbish, but unlike with my writing, I don't feel particularly selfconscious about it. I think it's partly to do with the fact that they're not my words. They're someone else's words which I'm trying to bring to life and stuff. I'm beginning to think that it may end up being a bit addictive though.

In other news, we have purchased our Christmas tree! We didn't get to go all together this year, so the job was delegated to me and my Mum. It was initially put forward that I go by myself. I am way too indecisive for that though. At the same time, I sorted out the hours I'm working over Christmas. It looks really nice down there. They've got a new light up santa which is lovely. It's cold though so I may need to crack out my thermals next time I have a shift.
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It is absolutely chucking it down with rain at the moment. I am very glad for this, after it being alarmingly hot yesterday and Sunday. I, rather stupidly, went on during the hottest part of the afternoon. We had a picnic to celebrate the end of exams, and went swimming (which was deliciously cold and stopped me wanting to collapse in a pile of melted goo for a while). The really annoying thing is that I'd just caught up on all the sleep I'd missed during exam season, when it got too hot for me to sleep properly. The important part, is no more exams! I now only have to go into college for leavers day (which annoyingly is first thing in the morning and on the same day as our leavers ball). Well, and results day, but I'm not thinking about that yet. Or at least trying not to.

In celebration of finishing our exams, we had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. It took me two hours to get there. It should have been a half hour journey at most. They closed part of the A14 as someone was attempting to jump off a bridge so none of the buses were getting through. I waited an hour, at which point my mum gave me a lift to another village whose bus service wasn't as badly affected. It was a nightmare. I did get there eventually though. There was much rum present, although I stuck to ginger beer (which is my favourite drink ever). It was good fun, even though it got rather hot due to how many of us there were crammed into my friend Emma's living room. And pizza and ice cream! I do like my friends rather.

I had a great time watching Glastonbury at the weekend. I saw the whole of Paul Simon's and Elbow's sets, as well as bits of Mumford and Sons, Paolo Nutini, Laura Marling, Pendulum and Jessie J. I sadly missed the Kaiser Chiefs due to Paul Simon, but that is what the internet is for! I plan to watch various bits and pieces on the BBC website, as I got really into it this year. And due to the lack of exams, I can do all of this with a guilt free conscience. That and read and watch tv. It's weird though, I keep feeling like I should be doing something. Sadly, the one thing I really need to do (move all my school notes off my bedroom floor) requires boxes, which we don't have. I am looking forward to seeing the floor again and not having to leap over piles of paper to get to the linen basket.

At last!

Jul. 14th, 2010 05:29 pm
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It's raining, it's pouring,
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed and bumped his head
And couldn't get up in the morning!

Finally. And it's proper rain with thunder, although I have yet to see any lightening.

This makes me so many levels of happy.

Edit: I just had to run upstairs and cover the fireplace with a towel again, although this time I've branched out from holding it up with tinned vegetables to tinned fruit, soup and tuna as well.

Edit 2: There is now water running down the outside of the chimney into a nice little puddle on my bedroom floor. My wish for rain has clearly not gone entirely to plan.
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Things have been rather busy lately. My Grandad was in hospital up until yesterday as he had a kidney operation, was released and then had to be rushed back in because of a suspected heart attack. It's all been rather surreal for me as they live so far away, and I only see them a few times a year. He's out now though and we haven't had any more panicked calls from my Grandma, which is definitely a good sign.

In slightly more positive news, it was Village Sports Day last Saturday. I ran the hoopla stall (even a week afterwards, I am still incredibly relieved that I managed to talk them out of putting me on slippery pole) and did rather well in the produce show. My Duck Mobile (which I think of rather like the batmobile, but cheerier and a really poor form of transport) won third place in the handicraft category. There are clearly benefits to the normal judges not being able to make it as it was never going to be up their street. And I also won my running race! However, as various people pointed out, I also came last. I however don't care. I have a trophy. A trophy which now had my name on twice (the first time, I came second (also last given the huge field of two) but the winner couldn't keep the trophy due to living outside the village parish). I am very happy about this.

Sunstroke, heatstroke, you name it... )

After getting lots of sleep last night, I feel much better now. So I can now attempt to do my history homework. It's actually quite interesting, I just can't quite seem to summon up the energy. And then there's the World Cup Final tonight. I am almost looking forward to it, which is slightly strange. I think it's to do with the fantasy football league I'm in. It's addictive and I really am far too competitive.
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This week has been rather tumultuous to say the least. I am however, trying not to focus on the negatives. I did that yesterday and got rather bogged down in it all.

The positive things mainly focus around my teachers at school, who all seem to have relaxed slightly now that exams are over (well, at least until January!). As such, I have so far had a rather strange knitting analogy from my maths teacher, who also taught me knitting as an enrichment activity up until earlier this year. The girl I sit next to just sat, staring, going “am I dreaming?” throughout the entire thing. I found it all highly amusing. My chemistry teacher has been trying to convince us to do chemistry degrees on the basis that “who wouldn’t want to end up where I am now?” I laughed rather loudly.

My history teacher is the most amazing though. She keeps referring to Ferdinand and Isabella as Ferdy and Izzy, which she claims is why she’s not allowed to teach us the side of the course they feature prominently in. She also showed us a video, partly because it was an excellent source, and partly because she says she is madly in love with Michael Wood. I love my history class so much. It is all kinds of awesome, and we kept to keep our decent teacher next year and get a different one to replace the rubbish one! Score.

Right now I should be doing history homework. I have a very busy weekend full of theatre rehearsals, so I’m not sure when I’m going to do the rest of it. My brain is too dead to sift through more reading on the conquest of Granada. I am tired and want to sleep. Lots of sleep, but the hot weather is playing havoc with that. I dislike hot weather very much, and have already got heat stroke once after being at the bus stop for ages because of a giant traffic jam that morning. Blegh.

But school is good, so I am thinking about that, not the bad things. Cheery thoughts!
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It is currently raining very heavily, which apparently is my fault because I bemoaned the fact that, according to the weather report, we were going to only get light showers. I am very happy that they were wrong.

The downside of this is that there may not be enough people at my Dad's Sunday night football, which will result in TV watching based disagreements. I plan to use the World Cup against any suggestions from my Dad/brother I disagree with. We will no doubt end up watching most of the matches over the next month. I don't mind all that much, but there is only so much I can handle. Even if I end up getting to fill in the giant wall chart in our dining room. There was much debate over which paper to buy to get the free wall chart. In the end, the lure of a voucher for a tub of pringles was not enough to convince my Dad to buy the Sunday Express.

The other downside of this is that it is now raining down my chimney. We really have no idea why there is a chimney in the middle of my room (well, not quite the middle, but you can walk the whole way round it if you stoop slightly) which doesn't extend to the ground floor. Our house is quirky. Normally the odd drop of rain gets past the cap on the top, but it is actually nearly all getting through. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if the plastic bags which used to be stuffed up there to prevent this kind of thing happening were still up there, but we had to remove them to deal with a potential beehive. The current solution is a towel draped over the fireplace which is held up by tins of vegetables on the mantelpiece. Once the rain stops, hopefully we can sort out something more permanent, and something which means I can see my fridge magnet collection.

And whilst I'm making a post, Doctor Who!

Doctor Who, Vincent and the Doctor )

I am so sad that there are so few episodes left. It really has crept up on me. But it has been rather wonderful so I don't really mind that much.

And now, dinner and more chemistry revision. Only three more exams to go!


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