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I have watched Sherlock three times now and still have no coherent thoughts.

Potential spoilers )

I also found out that another friend of mine, Reuben, passed up the opportunity to be an extra in Lewis. A number of us explained to him in no uncertain terms that should this ever happen again, he had to be involved in it. All my friends at Oxford/going to Oxford next year have also been informed. On the plus side Reuben walked back to his dorm and had to go round where Lewis was filming. Reuben's life genuinely sounds like a plot from Lewis (home schooled until 15, a year ahead academically, classicist, fences) as well.

And that's about it for now!
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Stolen from[ profile] tabula_x_rasa

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I went to see Tintin on Wednesday. It was wonderful and happy-making. I had an absolutely fantastic time and came out going "I want to own that on DVD."

I have many thoughts on Merlin, but am not sure I can express them significantly. It mainly consists of flailing. Lots of flailing. I went to a group watching of Merlin on Saturday with some friends of mine, which was amazing. Although I felt the need to check how old the host's younger brother was as our conversation wasn't entirely clean. Luckily, he was older than he looked so we could carry on making jokes about people jumping onto Gwaine's sword. Also, Agravaine. He is even more obvious than Morgana and her smirks of EVIL.

So yeah, my life isn't particularly exciting at the moment. I currently want to kill UCAS and am having doubts about even going to uni as a result. I want to, I want to study history so much, but I'm still very scared.
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My Mum and brother are currently having a bit of a spat which I am attempting to ignore. So, have a post about good things!Namely Doctor Who, the Comedy Prom, athletics and the Great British Bake Off! )
And now I should probably go and write some more of my personal statement. I’m at the point where I can’t remember anything I’ve done in my life or why I love history. And I’ve never been particularly good at talking my achievements up
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I got back from camping with my family on Sunday and promptly slept lots. Whilst I didn't have anywhere near as much of an issue with sleeping in a tent for a week as my Mum did, I still really enjoyed sleeping in my own bed. It was awesome. I woke up the next morning at half eight, feeling chirpy, and promptly freaked my whole family out. I was slightly confused by it too, but it was still pretty nice. But whilst we were away, I read a lot, felt really faint a lot (normally, I'm the one propping up people who feel faint, so this was an interesting change), sat in a lot of empty churches (I love quiet churches with few people in, not quite sure why though, but they're pretty peaceful places in my opinion) and ate absolutely loads of yummy food. Seriously, I love duck. And eclairs. But I won't list all of the foods which I ate whilst I was away which I love because that would take a ridiculously long time.

The bad thing (or well, one of them) about going on holiday was that we missed The Cambridge Folk Festival. Again. One of my close friends, Ruth, went with her family on the Friday and saw, amongst others, Bellowhead. Cue much jealous from a fair few of us. However, on the more positive side, her family have numerous tickets to their show in Cambridge in Novemeber, and a bunch of us have been invited to go along. So excited. I have been informed however that I will have to dance. I would like to know how I could not dance. I think it would be difficult.

Also, with a large group of my friends we are going back and watching all the Harry Potter films. I feel scarred. Seriously scarred (and it is at least partly my own fault, which is even more worrying).
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It is absolutely chucking it down with rain at the moment. I am very glad for this, after it being alarmingly hot yesterday and Sunday. I, rather stupidly, went on during the hottest part of the afternoon. We had a picnic to celebrate the end of exams, and went swimming (which was deliciously cold and stopped me wanting to collapse in a pile of melted goo for a while). The really annoying thing is that I'd just caught up on all the sleep I'd missed during exam season, when it got too hot for me to sleep properly. The important part, is no more exams! I now only have to go into college for leavers day (which annoyingly is first thing in the morning and on the same day as our leavers ball). Well, and results day, but I'm not thinking about that yet. Or at least trying not to.

In celebration of finishing our exams, we had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. It took me two hours to get there. It should have been a half hour journey at most. They closed part of the A14 as someone was attempting to jump off a bridge so none of the buses were getting through. I waited an hour, at which point my mum gave me a lift to another village whose bus service wasn't as badly affected. It was a nightmare. I did get there eventually though. There was much rum present, although I stuck to ginger beer (which is my favourite drink ever). It was good fun, even though it got rather hot due to how many of us there were crammed into my friend Emma's living room. And pizza and ice cream! I do like my friends rather.

I had a great time watching Glastonbury at the weekend. I saw the whole of Paul Simon's and Elbow's sets, as well as bits of Mumford and Sons, Paolo Nutini, Laura Marling, Pendulum and Jessie J. I sadly missed the Kaiser Chiefs due to Paul Simon, but that is what the internet is for! I plan to watch various bits and pieces on the BBC website, as I got really into it this year. And due to the lack of exams, I can do all of this with a guilt free conscience. That and read and watch tv. It's weird though, I keep feeling like I should be doing something. Sadly, the one thing I really need to do (move all my school notes off my bedroom floor) requires boxes, which we don't have. I am looking forward to seeing the floor again and not having to leap over piles of paper to get to the linen basket.
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A rather spectacular display of heavy rain and hail has just finished, so have a meme!

Comment with "Hit me, Katie!"
• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.  
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

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Doctor Who, Episode 5, The Rebel Flesh )

I am currently on study leave and I am waiting for Monty Python's Oliver Cromwell song to finish loading so I can listen to it for revision. My friends keep sending me really useful revision materials. It's helping loads, and making it a bit less tedious. Now if only I could understand maths I would be all set! Well, mostly set.

School stuff. Specifically, leaving. )

My friends are also helping me in my quest to find a yellow dress for our Leavers Ball. Yellow very rarely suits me but I love the colour. I want to look bright and cheery and not sad. It's going to be fun (even if I have to think about it just as a summer ball and not as a leavers thing as that freaks me out).
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I have fallen rather out of the habit of posting here, which is a bit of a shame really. I am however going to attempt to rememdy this. I suspect I might fail at this for a while as exam season is fast approaching and I'm getting slightly nervous (read: very very panic-y). On the other hand, I may end up posting lots as a means of procrastination. It all depends. The main issue I'm having at the moment is remembering things. Apart from a couple of parts of maths which I both can't remember and don't really understand. Various people are lending me notes and links to videos and stuff though, so I think (hope) I'll get there eventually.

On the plus side, I have discovered that one of my friends loves Lewis as much as I do. Sadly, Lewis is over again. It always finished far too soon for my liking. But Doctor Who is on, so that makes up for it really. That was one of the many sad things about having so many bank holiday Mondays. By the time I got to see everyone, I could barely remember what I wanted to talk to people about. Ah well, I did get lots of time off, even if I completely lost track of days of the week. I do not want anymore three day weeks. They confuse me so much.

Ooh, and Eurovision. Watched it with both my parents, various European foods and some cider. It was ridiculous and utterly awesome. I particularly enjoyed the signing for "all the deaf people who love eurovision" according to Graham Norton and the incredibly bizarre moment when we were at the top of the leader board. Great fun, although I'm glad we only do it once a year!
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As of Wednesday, January exams are over for me! The relief is wonderful. Now I just have to wait until March for the results to come through and find out if I have to do any resits (but I'm trying not to think of that!). I am planning on breaking out some hot chocolate I got for Christmas to celebrate with. Also, lots of sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

I also, rather bizarrely, seemed to have developed a social life. This is mainly because I've been and seen a bunch of people I know in class during lunch. I was too scared to do this last year, the whole going off and making new friends thing, but it's really rather nice. I didn't think I could do it but I can and it's awesome! :D

In other exciting news, England finally won an ODI in Australia and I am refusing to watch this week's Silent Witness. It sounds far too traumatic for me to be able to handle. I am however enjoying Human Planet and Men of Rock (which took my brother five minutes to realise wasn't about music, and was actually about rocks).

And this evening I am going to eat lots of chocolate cake and then sleep for ages! I'm looking forward to it.
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January exam seasons has officially started. Hooray!

I have done two out of the six I am sitting, am fractionally less exhausted than I was last week and think I might actually know some maths. Maybe. I am planning on doing lots of revision during my Critical Thinking lesson tomorrow. Critical Thinking is perfect for revising maths with my friend Ruth! What is slightly worrying is that, even when talking about binomials and writing equations all over our hands (cue many poor jokes about "knowing it like the back of our hands"), we are still the least disruptive in the class. Everyone is just taking it to fill up their time table. It doesn't help that our teacher doesn't seem to care about our maths revision. I'm not entirely sure she's even noticed we're doing it. And we sit right at the front! It's ridiculous. After doing that for two weeks, we didn't think we could reach any new heights of geekiness. And then we rushed to the library at the end of lunch to get a table. I just hope all this productivity pays off!

I also had a meeting today about how to get more people to come to early modern history fictional book group (it's such a snappy title!). Our main problem is that, even with the promise of baked goods, the only people who turned up were me and the other guy running it, and two of our friends we'd cornered in corridors and at lunch. Current plan of attack: skip the long book, read the next (shorter!) one, promise even more baked foods, get our own email address and make giant posters. Also in an effort to attract people with the pretty, we're going to put on random episodes of the Tudors in between books. I have never seen it, but various history friends said it was hilarious. That and see who else we can guilt into coming. We may actually succeed at this now that my entire history class have tasted the wonder that is Alex's brownies. There is hope yet for us in the battle of the history book groups!

Now I am very tired and it's at times like this I wish I could nap when I wasn't ill. Ah well.
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I spent the majority of last week painting my brother's bedroom, which was actually quite fun if rather time consuming due to the lack of flat walls. Although it probably would have been better if my brother had done some more of it. It does look rather nice though.

Over the weekend, there was a "Vintage Cream Tea Weekend" in my village. I honestly think they are trying to win some sort of quaint English village award. That or they are doing their best to emulate many of the villages from Midsomer Murders. They had bunting, a WI stall and brass band music which appeared to be coming from the shrubbery. Although the cream tea I had was actually very good. I am slightly sad to say it was the first one I'd had all year which didn't have squirty cream out of a can. I don't think I've had a single one with clotted cream this year. I spent the majority of the time I was there trying not to laugh hysterically. I only partially succeeded. Although it was nowhere near as funny as when we went round the open gardens in the village and ended up having tea and cake in the garden of the vicarage with the vicar's children playing music on the oboe and violin respectively in the background.

Bank Holiday Monday! AKA, lots of cricket! )
Alas, the school year is near... )

Now I am going to make myself some more cheese on toast with cranberry jelly. It is quite possibly my favourite savoury snack of all time. Cranberry jelly is one of my favourite things about Christmas, and Sainsbury's had some of their Christmas stock in yesterday so my Mum bought me some. I am incredibly happy about this.


Jul. 23rd, 2010 05:25 pm
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I think I have drunk too much ribena. I didn't know such a thing was possible.

Anyway! It is now the summer holidays! We broke up on Wednesday at lunch. My last lesson of the year was tutor, so a bunch of people skipped and went home even earlier. This meant that there we all got a larger share of the box of chocolates my tutor brought in. School generally for the last week was actually pretty good. I was helping organise the History Conference on Monday and Tuesday, which was fun and I got to hear some really interesting talks. It also helped that we didn't really do much, and even when we did, the teachers tried to make it a bit more interesting because our attention spans were even shorter than normal.

To celebrate the holidays, me and a bunch of my friends had a gathering. The summer vibe was rather spoiled at one point when it hailed, but it was good fun. However, whilst playing the water game (listing things in a category, any repetition or hesitation and you get splashed), someone made us do digits of pi. The only reason we got further than three decimal places is because Ryan told us what to say. Someone only got splashed when they were foolish enough to ignore him. I was also sadly disheartened by how poorly they did when I gave them famous detectives. They only got three! Although as my Mum later pointed out, most people aren't quite as obsessed by murder mysteries as I am.

And now, onto today! I finally got round to watching the Doctor Who Confidential which went with the Big Bang. My family had recorded it for me at the time, but for some strange reason I hadn't watched it. It's hardly been anytime at all since Series 5 finished and I'd already partially forgotten the warm fuzzy glow the show gave me.

As of tomorrow, I am off to France for two weeks with my family where I will have no internet. I am still not sure if I am looking forward to it or dreading it, but we shall see. And hopefully the Campion book I ordered off Amazon will arrive before we leave as I really want to read it. I kind of doubt it will turn up, but I can still hope.


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