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 Recent thoughts in handy bullet point form (oooo-ooh!)

  • We have been spinning the honey from my Dad's beehives over the weekend. A small problem arose in that the honey partially solidified because our kitchen is so cold. However, it is very good exercise for your arm muscles!
  • I have never talked to so many different people about football as I did yesterday at work. This is why I put the tv on normally. It provides something for the particularly chatty customers to engage me in conversation about. Plus, it was vaguely interesting to watch.
  • Doctor Who. Wow. I'm not going to say anything about it really, other than my family is now considering doing one of two things about our planned football barbeque next Saturday. One - cancel it because we haven't officially invited anyone yet. Or two - have people over anyway but force them to watch Doctor Who. See the power Doctor Who has over my family. It now officially has more weight than football.
  • Voyage of the Dawntreader. I saw the trailer for it, as helpfully linked to by [ profile] kohl_rimmed_eye . So excited! I am not going to be thwarted this time in my plans to see it at the cinema. I currently have several options, but as it is a Christmas release, I really don't need to be worried about it just yet. Christmas though? Not sure I can wait that long.
  • I went through and editted a bunch of my tags yesterday, for reasons which now completely escape me. Hmm.
And now! For some quotes associated with the world cup! It's unavoidable in my house, I might as well get a laugh out of it! )
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Feeling rather drained, despite only having to go in to college for about two hours to have next year explained to us. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected, but few things have ever turned out to be quite that bad. All the stuff about uni applications is terrifying, particularly my form tutor's opinions. I know she is merely trying to improve my confidence but saying that my "performance does not live up to my potential" could be taken several ways. I know she was getting at the fact that stuff has interfered with my learning and that it's alright because she knows I can do better and will do better. I know this, but it's still a struggle to make myself believe that she meant that, rather than "you could do better and you should do better but you're not trying." Also, I am not convinced that suggesting I apply to Oxbridge next year is a good thing to do, even if it does take in my plans to have a gap year before I go anywhere. My stress levels are far too high as it is.

This is all rather silly and trivial, but I am in a ranting mood. Normally I just sulk, so this is a novelty. School clearly does weird things to my brain. I would claim it was the fumes from the chemistry department, but they're in a separate building on the top floor so as, to quote my teacher, "if they blow themselves up, they don't blow anyone else up as well." And my teachers aren't even the ones who like exploding things!

The World Cup is taking over my life. I knew I'd end up watching a lot of it, due to my family, but I hadn't forgotten in the last four years just how much that meant. I don't mind too much, the World Cup is slightly different to normal so I can survive watching at least one match a day.  My Dad also roped me into joining a fantasy football league with the rest of our family and a few other people. This is a wonderful opportunity to illustrate how delightfully competitive my entire family is. I think fourth place in our league of 10 people is pretty good for a team selected on the basis of me going "ooh! Cool sounding name!" I mean, who wouldn't select a goalie called Julio Cesar?

For the past week, I have done pretty much nothing as I finished my exams and don't have to go back to school until Monday. Not looking forward to that, although it will be good to see everyone again. There are very few people I talk to at college who I am actually in contact outside of school. Also on the plus side, returning to college will cut back on my caffeine intake. I have been drinking far too much coffee over the past week. I simply can't resist my Mum offering to take me to Costa. Ever.
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It is currently raining very heavily, which apparently is my fault because I bemoaned the fact that, according to the weather report, we were going to only get light showers. I am very happy that they were wrong.

The downside of this is that there may not be enough people at my Dad's Sunday night football, which will result in TV watching based disagreements. I plan to use the World Cup against any suggestions from my Dad/brother I disagree with. We will no doubt end up watching most of the matches over the next month. I don't mind all that much, but there is only so much I can handle. Even if I end up getting to fill in the giant wall chart in our dining room. There was much debate over which paper to buy to get the free wall chart. In the end, the lure of a voucher for a tub of pringles was not enough to convince my Dad to buy the Sunday Express.

The other downside of this is that it is now raining down my chimney. We really have no idea why there is a chimney in the middle of my room (well, not quite the middle, but you can walk the whole way round it if you stoop slightly) which doesn't extend to the ground floor. Our house is quirky. Normally the odd drop of rain gets past the cap on the top, but it is actually nearly all getting through. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if the plastic bags which used to be stuffed up there to prevent this kind of thing happening were still up there, but we had to remove them to deal with a potential beehive. The current solution is a towel draped over the fireplace which is held up by tins of vegetables on the mantelpiece. Once the rain stops, hopefully we can sort out something more permanent, and something which means I can see my fridge magnet collection.

And whilst I'm making a post, Doctor Who!

Doctor Who, Vincent and the Doctor )

I am so sad that there are so few episodes left. It really has crept up on me. But it has been rather wonderful so I don't really mind that much.

And now, dinner and more chemistry revision. Only three more exams to go!

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I have been watching a lot of the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup over the past couple of days. It is awesome and makes me all kinds of happy. Although I am probably too emotionally involved in cricket. I got rather angry the other day when Lumb got out, even though it was the correct decision. I now understand my dad and brother's response to pretty much every sport under the sun. Even if Twenty20 isn't quite the same as a full Test, it's what got me interested in the first place and in my opinion, some cricket is better than no cricket!

On Tuesday I am going to Liverpool to watch my brother play football in a national final at Anfield. I am rather excited and nervous about this. I went to watch their quarter final (which, luckily was a home match) which was rather tense. Although that may have been because it went to added time, then penalties and then sudden death penalties before they finally won. I plan on taking my knitting with me so I can sit there and look like I'm watching whilst not paying a great deal of attention. I want them to win, but I don't think my nerves can cope with watching the whole match. And on the plus side, as it's in Liverpool, all my cousins who now live up there can come and watch. There should be lots of supporters there. They've got a double decker coach, an ordinary coach and numerous completely full cars going up on the day. The team are going up on Monday (which means I won't see my brother on my birthday!), staying in a hotel before going on to do a bunch of team stuff. To say my brother is being unbearably excited is an understatement.

I thoroughly enjoyed Doctor Who last night. I want to watch it again, although not sure when I'll get round to it. I spent a lot of time laughing which was good. I like to come away from watching Doctor Who feeling all warm and fuzzy. And straight afterwards we watched Thursday's Outnumbered, which was hilarious as usual. And tonight I get to watch Lewis! Aww, Lewis.
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I'm currently not doing much, apart from being very tired which really, is the main reason I'm doing nothing. What with the tiredness and the perpetual yelling of equations in everything apart from ceramics enrichment (yay coil pots! Something I know and have been able to do since the age of four!). The problem with the extreme tiredness is that I haven’t been able to write. Mainly because, what with filling time with school work, I haven’t been able to stay awake long enough to do anything. Plus most of my subjects seem to like killing off imagination and the ability to use actual words. I miss words. I miss sentences which don’t have seemingly random strings of letters in the middle of them and make very little grammatical sense. I’m beginning to wish I had taken English. Then I remember I would end up murdering people if I did that. I might love writing and reading, but I don’t exactly get on great with the type of writing and reading you have to do to pass your A Levels. Well, apart from any speaking assignments. To the horror and utter astonishment of everyone at my old school, I was good at it. I was one of only three people in my class not to get heckled once over two years. The other two were very outgoing, confident guys everyone expected to be amazing. That is something I’m very proud of (and am very pleased I just remembered, because it has cheered me up!)

As of right this minute, I am in my room avoiding the non-vital-not-really-a-qualifier-for-the-world-cup-as-we’ve-already-qualified football match against Belarus. I spent seven minutes mocking their haircuts and reading out the moving adverts before I left. I feel I came out of that rather well! I saw a goal as well as several shots on target. That’s more than I got last time in twice the time. Yep, not a big football fan. Despite it being a rather big thing in my house (my Dad plays every Sunday evening with people from the village, my brother plays in a league which spans several counties and is in the District squad), I’ve never liked it. Give me cricket or athletics any day!

Now, after a gap of several hours, I’m going to go get myself some pudding and bemoan the fact that there are no murder mysteries on at the moment that I like! Hmm. Shame I don’t have more on DVD, I may have to use up my remaining Amazon vouchers from last Christmas.


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