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So, I am writing up what happened yesterday to help me remember it. And I figured, I have a journal, this would be a good thing to use it for.

Yesterday, I went and saw the Tour de France in Cambridge and it was amazing.
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I watched Jeeves and Wooster with my family last night (minus the brother who has gone off to work with a family friend on a campsite in France for a month) and it was fabulous. Fry and Laurie just looked so young. Also - hilarious.

I had a ridiculously busy (extended) weekend. Weekend report! )

I am going away on Thursday to Portugal with my friends for a week. I am rather excited and also rather nervous. My friends are incredibly organised though, so I think everything should be ok.

Also, I was tidying up all the school things I no longer need earlier today, and found a bunch of writing. I'm not entirely sure what half of it is about, although I can remember where I wrote most of it. I think I'm going to go through it all and type up some of it.

Phew, that ended up longer than I expected. :)


Apr. 27th, 2010 10:36 am
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Today is a big day!

Not for me, all I'm doing today is going to the doctors and then going into school for an hour of enrichment (go knitting!). Admittedly, going in for knitting and then coming straight home again does mean I'm going to spend more time on the bus than in college, but if I don't go in at all today, it'll be so much easier for me not to go next time and it will all spiral out of control.

But back to why today is a big day. Now, my brother does a lot of sport. You name it, he probably plays it. The thing he does most of though is football. He plays for three teams - his club, his school and the local district squad. The district team have been doing rather well lately. They've been playing in a national cup and they're through to the semi-finals! I am so proud =D

So yes, there will be lots of finger crossing going on this evening, because if they win this match they're through to the final which is being played at Anfield. Ha. Even I'm excited about that!


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