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Oh Campion. I love you. Seriously, most perfect casting (apart from Oates, who for some reason I can't put my finger on, just isn't Oates for me). One day, I will get hold of more of the books and I read even more of them. Why are so many of them out of print? I don't want to read the pyschological thriller ones, I want to read the slightly silly amateur detective in the 1930s ones. Ah well. I will continue to search every second hand bookshop/charity shop I come across for copies.

Yesterday, I had an awesome conversation with my Dad about music. Normally, I go out for coffee with my Mum on a Sunday afternoon, but yesterday I went out with my Dad instead. It was different (less trauling through emotional shit) but was still pretty awesome. He reccommended a bunch of CDs from his collection that I might be interested in. I had attempted to look through his CDs myself, but got rather daunted. It is quite large. So now I have lots of exciting things to listen to, and hopefully I will like some of them.

Right now I am listening to the highlights of the Cambridge Folk Festival (three hours of it! Three hours!), which is rather nice. And I have done masses of ironing so feel like I have achieved something so far today which is also rather good. I think I have spent one too many days doing nothing at all lately.
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I spent the majority of last week painting my brother's bedroom, which was actually quite fun if rather time consuming due to the lack of flat walls. Although it probably would have been better if my brother had done some more of it. It does look rather nice though.

Over the weekend, there was a "Vintage Cream Tea Weekend" in my village. I honestly think they are trying to win some sort of quaint English village award. That or they are doing their best to emulate many of the villages from Midsomer Murders. They had bunting, a WI stall and brass band music which appeared to be coming from the shrubbery. Although the cream tea I had was actually very good. I am slightly sad to say it was the first one I'd had all year which didn't have squirty cream out of a can. I don't think I've had a single one with clotted cream this year. I spent the majority of the time I was there trying not to laugh hysterically. I only partially succeeded. Although it was nowhere near as funny as when we went round the open gardens in the village and ended up having tea and cake in the garden of the vicarage with the vicar's children playing music on the oboe and violin respectively in the background.

Bank Holiday Monday! AKA, lots of cricket! )
Alas, the school year is near... )

Now I am going to make myself some more cheese on toast with cranberry jelly. It is quite possibly my favourite savoury snack of all time. Cranberry jelly is one of my favourite things about Christmas, and Sainsbury's had some of their Christmas stock in yesterday so my Mum bought me some. I am incredibly happy about this.
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Feeling rather drained, despite only having to go in to college for about two hours to have next year explained to us. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected, but few things have ever turned out to be quite that bad. All the stuff about uni applications is terrifying, particularly my form tutor's opinions. I know she is merely trying to improve my confidence but saying that my "performance does not live up to my potential" could be taken several ways. I know she was getting at the fact that stuff has interfered with my learning and that it's alright because she knows I can do better and will do better. I know this, but it's still a struggle to make myself believe that she meant that, rather than "you could do better and you should do better but you're not trying." Also, I am not convinced that suggesting I apply to Oxbridge next year is a good thing to do, even if it does take in my plans to have a gap year before I go anywhere. My stress levels are far too high as it is.

This is all rather silly and trivial, but I am in a ranting mood. Normally I just sulk, so this is a novelty. School clearly does weird things to my brain. I would claim it was the fumes from the chemistry department, but they're in a separate building on the top floor so as, to quote my teacher, "if they blow themselves up, they don't blow anyone else up as well." And my teachers aren't even the ones who like exploding things!

The World Cup is taking over my life. I knew I'd end up watching a lot of it, due to my family, but I hadn't forgotten in the last four years just how much that meant. I don't mind too much, the World Cup is slightly different to normal so I can survive watching at least one match a day.  My Dad also roped me into joining a fantasy football league with the rest of our family and a few other people. This is a wonderful opportunity to illustrate how delightfully competitive my entire family is. I think fourth place in our league of 10 people is pretty good for a team selected on the basis of me going "ooh! Cool sounding name!" I mean, who wouldn't select a goalie called Julio Cesar?

For the past week, I have done pretty much nothing as I finished my exams and don't have to go back to school until Monday. Not looking forward to that, although it will be good to see everyone again. There are very few people I talk to at college who I am actually in contact outside of school. Also on the plus side, returning to college will cut back on my caffeine intake. I have been drinking far too much coffee over the past week. I simply can't resist my Mum offering to take me to Costa. Ever.


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