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The Last Duchess by brutti_ma_buoni
A Thin Veneer Of Civility by burntcopper
Putting The Natives At Ease by burntcopper
Coffee Break by agapi42
Judge His Reactions by burntcopper
Original Suspiscious Bastard by burntcopper
Let's Burn This World Down by theagonyofblank
Rumour Has It by htbthomas
Strings and Sealing Wax by croissantkatie
Warning to Children by Prochytes
Might Shape Up Well by burntcopper
Always Looking Up by inlovewithnight
Take My Hand by angelqueen
Gerard and Rapunzel by dira sudis)
The Mourning Woman by M_Leigh (Sherlock)

The Uncanny Mrs Hudson by ifonlynotnever (Sherlock)
Of Thoughts And Waiting by lullabymoon (Lewis)
The Babble Machine by tabula_x_rasa (Bandom)
Gerard Way, For Skeleton Crew Fashions by desert-neon (Bandom)
Blame Gravity by shinysylver (Hawaii 5-0)
Classified by shinysylver (Hawaii 5-0)
Weapons of Musical Destruction by shinysylver (Hawai 5-0)
Making Room by lamardeuse (Lewis)


Bury This Town (Bandom, Victoria Asher/Greta Salpeter)
Summary: She's falling and falling and she's completely lost but she doesn't care. It's wonderful.

So, Everyone Plays Cricket (Bandom, Not!Fic)
Summary: Not!Fic about bandom people playing cricket.
Also available as a podfic read by [personal profile] leish here!

Betting and Winning (Bandom, Cobra GSF)
Summary: Gabe likes to gamble, gambling with sexual favours is his favourite though.

Chess Pieces (Harry Potter, Harry and Ron)
Theme: Second Chances

Train Journeys (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Luke/Clyde)
Theme: Summer

Drumming (Bandom, Brendon/Spencer)
Prompt: there's a drumming noise inside my head that starts when you're around

Together (Actor RPF, Tom Felton/Dan Radcliffe)m
Prompt: or those lives that tear at the seams we know we're not what we've seen

Mirror Image (Harry Potter, Luna centric)
Summary: The image she sees in the mirror is the one she expects to see, although she's beginning to wonder if it should have changed.

I am happy with any repodding, podficcing or transformative works of anything I've done. Just drop me a line letting me know about it!

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